I can see the universe
Shay |17| ISTP
She tastes red
like pomegranate,
like blood.

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  1. Make using tumblr easier
  2. learn how to speak another language 
  3. how to lose lower belly fat x x
  4. 25+ hot chocolate recipies 
  5. download mixes from 8tracks
  6. download videos from youtube
  7. photo galleries 
  8. learn how to make tumblr themes
  9. learn how to photoshop x x
  10. learn how to write gallifreyan 
  11. book masterpost
  12. learn how to draw expressions 
  13. writing tips masterpost
  14. learn how to do game of thrones hairstyles 
  15. make your own vitamin water
  16. learn how to gif
  17. how to draw female anatomy 
  18. lean how to write tolkien elvish 
  19. and how to speak it 
  20. learn how to write an essay
  21. learn how to do yoga
  22. how to use photoshop brushes
  23. chocolate chip cheesecake dip
  24. how to read comics
  25. starbucks holiday drink recipes 
  26. how to become an amateur astronomer 
  27. finals survival guide
  28. how to remove backgrounds from a scan 
  29. how to do burned paper nails 
  30. download free books
  31. smoothie recipes 
  32. find the perfect theme
  33. how to balance a checkbook
  34. quick diagrams to help you draw
  35. solve pretty much any math problems
  36. do pretty much anything with online friends 
  37. exercise masterpost
  38. how to do winged eyeliner
  39. how to start good habits (how this website works)
  40. stress relivers
  41. how to survive in college
  42. find clothes characters wore 
  43. mythology books masterpost
  44. how to braid
  45. how to make icons
  46. tumblr text html
  47. crime scene science 
  48. create your ‘mind palace’ 
  49. download youtube videos to mp3
  50. become an adult cheat sheet
  51. pull an all nighter and pass your test
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